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Past Projects Continued




     VMS project for ODOT

 The sign was prepared on the ground ~ then Hoisted into place...

 This was the last of 3 signs ~ completed April 2008.

Oneonta Gorge Improvements with ODOT

Restore old tunnel

See "News Articles and Comments" page for Oregonian Articles.

WCCCA 911 Tower  (built 7 towers) and Cowlitz County 911 Towers (built 5 towers)

These projects consisted of errecting the specified towers and installing buildings on all 12 +/- job sites.

Johnson Ridge Site for Cowlitz County 911 Facilities

 Speelyia tower site for Cowlitz County

WCCCA 911 ~ Cedar Hills site

WCCCA 911 ~ Top Hill Site
There are three employees near the top. We have got the tower building down! With the many towers build, our staff has developed an efficient system of assembly and errecting.


Gronlund Road Slide Repair - Clackamas County

Clackamas River Slide Repair - Clackamas County

Clackamas River Trail - City of Oregon City

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