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Projects - Past & Present

Present Projects
Santiam Tower Upgrades
-January, 2019

Contracted with the City of Salem for the Santiam Tower Upgrades project. Scope includes structural upgrades to the 140' radio tower by installation of steel braces.
Past Projects
I205 Maywood Park Trail
-July, 2018

Contracted with ODOT for the I205 Maywood Park Trail. This project was for the complete overhaul of 3,000 lineal feet of 10 foot wide pedestrian trail. The overhaul included 9 new ADA compliant ramps, catch basin and drainage work, grinding of the existing asphalt trail, asphalt paving and traffic/pedestrian control.

Dickey Prairie Road Distress Mitigation
-June, 2018

Contracted with Clackamas County for the Dickey Prairie Road Distress Mitigation project. This involved the excavation and installation of a 4,000 square foot MSE retaining wall along with the replacement of 300 feet of asphalt road. Also included in this project was the falling and removal of 20 large douglas fir trees, the installation of 600 lineal feet of guard rail and over 1,000 feet of fused HDPE drain pipe placed within the MSE wall.

Detention Pond Renovation
-May, 2018

Contracted with Clackamas County for the Detention Pond Renovation project. The project included removing trees, shrubs and sediment from the bottom of six ponds to restore them to their designed dimensions. Once the ponds were cleared and grubbed the pond bottoms and banks were hydroseeded with native wetland seeds to complete the restoration.

Killin Wetlands Nature Park
-October, 2017

Contracted with Metro for the Killin Wetlands Nature Park. The project included a new paved parking lot with 25 parking stalls and over 4,000 feet of handicap accessible trails to view the wetlands. Other amenities included the installation of trail side split rail fencing and benches as well as a new restroom facility.

Columbia Heights Slide Repair
-September, 2017

Contracted with the City of Longview for the Columbia Heights Slide Repair project. This was a steep up hill slide that needed shaping and excavation to remove weight from the slope.

Shiloh Basin Culvert Replacement
-August, 2017

Contracted with Columbia County Road Department for the Shiloh Basin Culvert Replacement project. This was for the replacement of three large diameter culverts. The work was done during the in-water work window with by-pass pumping. It also included the slip lining of an existing 30 inch x 125 foot long culvert with a new 24 inch HDPE grouted culvert.

Forest Home Slide Repair
-June, 2017 

Contracted with the City of Camas for the Forest Home Slide Repair project. This included approximately 3500 cy excavation, 777 cy of gabion baskets, 3000 tons of structural backfill, 200 feet of guardrail, and repaving the road.

Tree Cooler Building
-May, 2017

Contracted with Washington State Department of Natural Resources for a new 36’ x 40’ walk in tree cooler building.

Devils Lake Head to Bay Trail Project
-September, 2016

Contracted with the City of Lincoln City for the Devils Lake Head to Bay Trail Project. This was a 550-foot-long heavy beam cedar board walk with structural plastic decking, elevated above the wetland on pin piles. The in-water work window and the sensitive nature of these wetlands made the job an interesting challenge.

Gourlay Creek and South Fork Creek
-September, 2016

Contract with the City of Scappoose for the Gourlay Creek and South Fork Creek projects. This involved in water work and had to be completed in a very short time frame. PCR removed approximately 3000 cubic yards of material that had eroded into the City of Scappoose raw water ponds.

Tally Way Airport Fence and Beacon Tower
-August, 2016

Contracted with the City of Kelso for the Tally Way Airport Fence and Beacon Tower Improvements project. This consisted of site preparation and installation of 2000 ln ft of chain link fence, a new airport entrance with AC paving and remote gate system, removal of the existing and installation of a new 50-foot beacon tower.

Fort Vancouver Rehabilitation 
-September, 2015

Contracted with Pacific Tech Construction as a subcontractor on the Fort Vancouver Rehabilitation project. We provided a new 100-foot lattice tower with pad foundation and waveguide bridge. 

Laurel Street Pathway Improvement
-August, 2015 

Contracted with City of Lake Oswego for the Laurel Street Pathway Improvement. The work consists of clearing and grubbing, tree removal, construction of soldier pile retaining wall with shotcrete facing, construction of integral pile-cap and gutter with three tube steel rail, construction of storm water drainage system and detention, installation of a 6” water main and services, construction of concrete curbs, sidewalks and driveways, installation of pavement striping, landscaping including trees, shrubs, lawn seeding and mulch.

Government Camp Waterline Extension 
-July, 2015

Contracted with Clackamas County Oregon for the Government Camp Waterline Extension Project.  This project consisted of the installation of approx. 800 feet of 12” HDPE waterline to the Skibowl parking lot.  Also included installation of fire hydrants blows offs assorted valves and other fixtures testing and coordination.

Pacific Highway East, OR99E Culvert Improvements
-June, 2015 

Contracted with Oregon Department of Transportation for Culvert Improvements for Pacific Highway East, OR99E @ M.P. 37.1.  This project consisted of the installation of a 48” diameter steel culvert installed underneath Hwy 99 using the technique of trenchless boring.  Also included bypass pumping/stream diversion (including fish catching), concrete headwalls and wetland restoration.

Tri-City WWTP Lime Silo
-September, 2014

Contracted with Clackamas County for the installation of a new lime silo at the Tri-City WWTP located in Oregon City.  This project not only included a new 35’ tall lime silo but feed and discharge piping along with electrical.

Bear Creek hydroelectric generator
-September, 2014

Contracted with the City of Astoria for the installation of a hydroelectric turbine generator to be installed at their Bear Creek Headworks facility.  The generator was installed and connected to the City’s existing water transmission pipeline at the base of the Bear Creek Dam.  The power generated was fed back into Pacific Power’s system through a new connection at the Headworks facility.

Bull Run Watershed Road Repair
-August, 2014

Contracted with the City of Portland for the Road 10 MP 0.6 to 1.8 project.  This project was for the mitigation and repair of a failing road section in the Bull Run Watershed.  The slide repair was made using a combination of ultra-light weight EPS fill, reinforced concrete, and shotcrete.  The work also included the removal and rework of several thousand feet of roadway section, culverts, paving, and striping.

Buxton Mountain Radio Site
-October, 2013

Contracted with ODOT State Radio Project for the Buxton Mountain radio site.  This was a new tower site from the ground up. 120’ Lattice Tower with 140 cy concrete foundation, precast concrete equipment shelter on a cast in place foundation, two 1,000 gallon propane tanks and piping to new generator, electrical and grounding, fence and other items.

Historic Columbia River Highway Guardrail Replacement 
-April, 2013

Contracted with ODOT for HCRH (Historic Columbia River Highway) Guardrail replacement Project.  The scope includes remove and replace guardrail section along 7 different locations on the highway in a 5 mile section, also encompasses handling hazardous material, complicated underground utilities, erosion control, and traffic control issues.

Timberline Tower
-March, 2013

Contracted with Clackamas 800 Radio Group (C800) for the design/build tower located on Mt. Hood above Timberline Lodge.  The scope includes the design built self-supported 120’ with concrete foundation – two storie prefabricated concrete building on a concrete foundation, radio equipment & generator for extreme conditions.

Cornell/Sherwood I-84 at 223rd
-February, 2013

Contracted with ODOT for the US26: VMS 185th to Cornell/Sherwood/I-84 at 223rd Project.  The scope includes traffic control plans for work on major highways, removal of current signage, site prep, foundations for new sign structures, electrical & electrical appurtenances (varies between sites), and new signage at 8 locations in Washington and Multnomah Counties.

Wilson River Communications Facility
-November, 2012

Contracted with ODOT’s State Radio Project division for the installation of the Wilson River Communications Facility.  This involved a new 100 foot tower, new concrete equipment shelter, generator, propane tanks & piping, fenced compound, removal of old tower, and modification of existing equipment shelter.

College Nature Park Trail Improvements
-July, 2012

Contract with City of Troutdale for the construction of College Nature Park Trail Improvements.  The scope includes half street improvements with sidewalks, parking, and swale installation.  Also includes trail development with gravel paths for nature park, plaza, and retaining walls.  Multiple agency involvement.

Sandy River Delta
-October, 2011

Contract with US Forest Service for construction of Sandy River Delta Phase II.  The scope includes upgrading an existing parking area from gravel to asphalt paved.  Also included exposed aggregate sidewalks, camas gray basalt stone masonry curing and walls, gravel walking paths & picnic area, new heavy wood framed kiosk and dumpster enclosure, signage, and striping.

Hawthorne Park
-October, 2011

Contract with Clackamas County for construction of Hawthorne Park.  The scope includes clear and excavate for new park.  Install pathways in cobble, gravel and concrete, install all park equipment, and landscaping.

Foothills Seismic Pipeline
-September, 2011

Contract with City of Lake Oswego for the construction of Foothills Elevated Pipeline Seismic Upgrade. The scope includes installation of both micro-piling and ground anchors with concrete foundations, tied to steel framed bracing that connects to an elevated sewer line for earthquake resistance.

Sandy Ridge Trailhead Parking Area
-September, 2011

Contract with Bureau of Land Management for the construction of Sandy Ridge Trailhead Parking Area. The scope includes clearing 2 acres of large timber, excavation of approximately 1,800 cy, placing compacting and grading 5,000 tons of aggregate, paving, striping and other amenities.

Red Sunset Park
-August, 2011

Contract with City of Gresham Red Sunset Park Detention Project scope includes constructing a 570’ earthen berm with reinforced concrete core (approx 100cy) for winter flooding detention pond. Also included in scope is landscaping.

Astoria-Megler Bridge Solar Lighting
-March, 2011

Contract with Oregon Department of Transportation for the construction of Solar Navigation Lights on the Astoria-Megler Bridge on Highway 101. The scope includes: Installation of solar powered navigation lights and aviation beacons in 13 locations on the bridge, also includes minor structural steel modifications to allow the installation of the above listed work.

Oregon Department of Military Radar Tower
-February, 2011

Contracted with Oregon Dept of Military for the construction of a 60’ Radar Tower with a 12 KW radar. The scope includes: remove and replace old tower with new design and equipment. 

Mollenhour Creek Culvert Replacement
-August, 2010

Contracted with Columbia County Public Works Dept for Mollenhour Creek Culvert Replacement. Scope includes: Re-route / Dewater creek, form & pour concrete footings, install 3 piece 12 foot diameter arch culvert 100’ long, restored roadway with 3,600 cubic yards of backfill material, stream bed enhancement inside culvert, and rip rap slope protection.

Banks Pump Station Improvement
-July, 2010

Contracted with Clean Water Services for Banks Pump Station Improvement. A negotiated job where they chose our firm due to past work performance quality, timely completion, and fair pricing.  The scope includes: sewage by-pass piping for the main pump station in Banks, OR. 

Bethel Rd Substation Improvements
-July, 2010 

After successful completion at Enid Rd, EWEB sent an exclusive bid invite where PCR, Inc was low bidder. The project was called Bethel Rd Substation Improvements and the scope included the following: Concrete transformer pads and various footings, conduit runs, and grounding.

Pine Creek Work Center Water System 
-June, 2010

Contracted with US Forest Service for the Pine Creek Work Center Water System Upgrade Project. The scope includes: Re-plumbing two 24,000 gallon water storage tanks, upgrade existing well and well house, installation of fire hydrants and new valves, new controls and remote monitoring equipment, with other miscellaneous improvements.

Enid Road Transmission Poles
-May, 2010

Contracted with Eugene Water and Electric Board for the installation of 14 transmission poles of Enid Road in Eugene, OR. The scope also included: driveways and culvert work along with additional guy poles.

Clean Water Services Pump Repairs
-2009 & 2010

Several small repairs to existing pump stations for Clean Water Services. These were negotiated jobs they chose our firm due to past work performance quality, timely completion, and fair pricing. 

Washington County School Zone Flashers
-December, 2009

Contracted with ODOT administered by Washington County for School Zone Flashers Project. The scope includes: Installation 32 solar powered school zone flashing signs located throughout Washington County.

Intelligent Transportation System Urban Corridor Section
-Fall/Winter 2009-2010

Contracted with ODOT for 2007 ITS Urban Corridor Section Project. The scope includes: Construction of 10 new Variable Message Signs (VMS) located throughout Multnomah County.

Joseph Oregon Automated Weather System
-August, 2009

Contracted with the Oregon Department of Aviation for the construction of a new Automated Weather System (AWOS) in Joseph Oregon.

Ken Jernsted Airport Crack Sealing, Wind cone Construction, and AWOS Modification
-July, 2009 

Contracted with the Port of Hood River for Ken Jernsted Airport Crack Sealing, Wind cone Construction, and AWOS Modification Project. The scope includes: Apron Crack Sealing & A/C Patching, Demo of existing lighted wind cone, construction of new wind cone, and extension of anemometer on existing AWOS tower. 

Camp Rilea Rappel Tower
-October, 2008

Contract with Oregon Military Department for construction of Camp Rilea Rappel Tower. The scope includes: the design and build of a 75 foot tall rappel tower. The tower needed to be capable of sustaining 36 people in gear weighing a total of 300 pounds at the 60 foot rappel level in 100 mph winds. We designed and built a four legged steel rappel tower with a 5 flight stair system and a metal roof. The foundation consisted of a 110 cubic yard slab on grade. Other amenities were the 3,600 square foot concrete landing area that was covered with rubber surfacing and the 12 “fast rope” stations.

Skyline Communications Tower
-October, 2008

Contract with City of Salem for Skyline Communications Tower. The scope includes: installation of 8’ diameter by 30’ deep drilled shaft foundation located next to existing structure, design and install of a 120’ monopole communications tower camouflaged with 174 fiberglass fir branched, 25 kw generator & equipment, installation of antennae with cable, and 2,770 lf of  road restoration.

Legacy Park
-June, 2008

Contracted with the City of Canby for the park improvement at Legacy Park. The scope of work includes: Brick paving, concrete walkways, drinking fountain, irrigation, pedestrian bridge and site furnishings.

Columbia City Maintenance Shop Remodel
-March, 2008

Contracted with the City of Columbia City for the addition and remodel of the city maintenance shop. This included a new 40 by 60 pole barn added to the existing shop and then both structures received new wood siding and new metal roofing.

Columbia City Water System Improvements
-October, 2007 

Contracted with the City of Columbia City for phase two of their water system improvements. This consisted of a new 900 square foot CMU well house with framed roof system and metal roof. It also included a 25 hp well pump, controls, piping, chemical injection system, 1500 feet of 8” water line, 500 feet of directionally drilled water line some under highway 30, and 50 feet of horizontally bored water line under a rail road track.

Grunlund Road Slide Repair
-September, 2007 

Contracted with Clackamas County for the Grunlund Road Slide Repair. This consisted of 1000 cy’s excavation and structural backfill of an equal amount on a very steep slope, grading, and HMAC replacement. This project had a tight time frame and was completed in 5 working days.

Patton Square Park
-June, 2007

Contracted with the City of Portland for the construction of Patton Square Park. This consisted of excavation, structural concrete, concrete flat work, masonry, electrical, landscaping, and installation of benches, play toys, drinking fountain, picnic tables and other amenities.

Washington County 911 Towers
-September, 2006

Contracted with Washington County for the installation of underground power into three remote 911 tower sites. One of the power runs was 15,300 feet long and required vaults and transformers.

Oneonta Gorge Parking
-June, 2006

Contracted with ODOT for the Oneonta Gorge Parking project. Consisted of the restoration of a historic highway tunnel on the old section of highway 30 plus other minor amenities.

WCCCA 911 and Cowlitz County 911 Tower Project
October, 2005-June, 2006
Betweent these two jobs, PCR, Inc. errected 13 Towers.

11 (click here for more info)

Cowlitz County 911
(click here for more info)
June, 2005-May, 2007
Johnson Ridge Tower SiteSpeelyia Tower Site

Springwater Trail Bicycle Corridor
Contracted with Oregon Department of Transportation / City of Portland for the construction of a 3.2 mile section of the Springwater bicycle trail through the Sellwood district of SE Portland. 

Before paving                                        Nearing completion


Tualatin Trails and Wildlife Refuge Viewing Park
-September, 2005

PCR, Inc., provided about 2 miles of walking trails, steel & concrete fishing platform cantilevered over the Tualatin River that was positioned on micro-pilings, two 80' pedestrian Bridges, handrailings, benches, automatic gates and other amenities. 

   the Observation Deck                                                                     

Constructing the Observation Deck - Careful detail to minimize disruption of the surrounding ecosystem.   
(click here for project details)


Oregon City Park & Recreation Site Clean Up
-January, 2005

Negotiated with Oregon City Parks and Recreation to provide a site clean up on one of their properties. We screened and crushed approximately 30,000 cubic yards of mixed materials (rock, dirt, debris). The end result was approximately 10,000 cubic yards of crushed rock, 20,000 cubic yards of screened soil and the site looked much better.

Multnomah Falls Lodge Pump House
-October, 2004

Contracted with the U.S. Forest Service for a new pump house and well modifications for the facility supplying Multnomah Falls Lodge. This project included a new  500 square foot CMU well house with metal roof, 15 hp pump motor, underground piping and control piping in building, pump controls, chlorination equipment and other items for a compete new control facility.

Clackamas River Trail and Street Improvements
-June, 2004

Contracted with Oregon City Parks and Recreation for the development of Clackamas River Trail and Street Improvements. This project consisted of developing an old dump site into a ¾ mile long by twelve foot wide paved bicycle trail with landscaping and appurtenances. It also included a half mile of roadway widening. The proposed trail elevation was significantly lower than the existing grade thus we excavated and piled onsite over 24,000 cubic yards of material. Also as part of this project we removed an in- water, partially submerged barge / dock. This required us to work within the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permit requirements for the removal of approximately 600 cubic yards of debris from the Clackamas River Cove.

Enschede pump station
-August, 2003

Contracted with Clean Water Services for the upgrades to the existing Enschede pump station. This entails new pumps, controls and piping to be installed while the service is temporarily bypassed. Also we are to install: a new generator, raise the existing vault above the flood plain, new water service, repave the area, fencing and landscape restoration.

Tualatin River Bank Restoration
-August, 2002

Contacted with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife for the Dennis Property / Tualatin River Bank Restoration project. This was a negotiated contract. The USFW was happy with the work we did for them and the Bureau of Reclamation the previous summer, and asked us to do this work for them. It entailed 700 linear feet of 13 foot deep trench drain, 1800 tons of class 200 rip rap and other minor work to keep the Tualatin River bank from further eroding. 

Springwater Bicycle Trail
-July, 2002

Contracted with Oregon Department of Transportation / City of Portland for the construction of a 3.2 mile section of the Springwater bicycle trail through the Sellwood district of SE Portland. This project included site excavation, grading, paving, concrete curbs and flat work, retaining walls, landscaping, misc. site furnishings, hand railing, safety railing, bollards, and more.

Lowen Street Site improvements
December, 2001-April, 2002

Contracted with the City of Salem for the Lowen Street Site improvements. This contract entailed a partial design / build of two radio equipment buildings, one in West Salem and one in Keizer. Also included is the installation of a twenty foot tower section mounted to the top of an existing water tank.  

Merlo Bus Yard
-July, 2001

Contracted with Tri-Met for a project at Merlo Bus Yard. The project entailed the removal and replacement of approximately 5000 square feet of thirteen inch thick concrete plus 20,000 linear feet of joint sealing.

Roosevelt High School I.T. & ADA ramp 
-May, 2001 

Contracted with Portland Public Schools for the Roosevelt High School I.T. and ADA ramp upgrades project. This project included the removal and replacement of two large handicap ramps, new sidewalks, new ACP trail, conduit and fiber optic installation, and the remodel of an existing bathroom.

Rose Quarter Variable Message Signs
-October, 2000

We contracted with the Oregon Department of Transportation for the installation of two variable message signs with drilled pier concrete foundations at the Rose Quarter in Portland. This project required approximately ten weeks of onsite concrete and conduit installation work which was completed in December of 2000. Installation of the signs took place in February of 2001.



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